I charge by the hour, with rates of $80 to $100/hour.

While I would love to make a million dollars, I would rather work on projects that I find interesting and that benefit worthy organizations. 


Project Planning: The earlier in the process you bring me in, the more help I can provide in devising the best vehicle for achieving your goals within your timeline and budget. I think, therefore I plan.

Design Development: This is the fun part—coming up with the overall look and feel for your project. It starts with a goal, generates ideas, follows a sometimes twisting path of research and experimentation, then alights on a design with practical applications.

Layout and Formatting: For longer documents and multi-part projects, coming up with the design is just the first stage. Applying that design to over 200 pages or to all the materials needed for an event is the next.

Infographics: Whether telling a story with data or other types of information, presenting it graphically can significantly up the appeal ante, and consequently people's understanding and absorbtion of your content.

Illustration: Sometimes the picture that's worth a thousand words is an illustration, either created from scratch or based on a photograph. Unless noted as stock, all the illustrations in my portfolio are my own.

Print Management: Will it be printed? I can prepare the specifications and get quotes from vendors. Then I prepare the files so they’re what the printer needs, avoiding hassles on press and unexpected costs to you. All of my clients pay the printer directly, so there are no designer mark-ups or taxes (for tax-exempt organizations).

Digital Communications: Not planning to print? I can prepare graphics and documents suitable for posting on your website, on email platforms, and on social media. I can also help design a website and know some html, but best to leave the serious coding to the techies.

Writing/Editing: I've been writing for longer than I've been designing. If you need help drafting or revising text, I can do that too.

When you hire me, I do all the work. I'm a one woman shop and, unlike bigger firms, do not delegate the, um, less exciting tasks to subordinates. Except for my CCO (Chief Canine Officer), in charge of security and shedding.