If you work for a nonprofit organization and have a question about anything related to graphic design, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer it.


Social Media Image Sizes: How big should your shared image in the FB timeline be? What about for an Instagram story? Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet provides sizes for different elements in FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and more, and is updated annually. Another good source is Sprout Social (look for the tabs on the bottom).

Email Marketing Service Providers: PC Magazine offers helpful chart comparing ten email marketing services like Constant Contact and MailChimp. If you're in the market for a service provider, check it out here. Also, don't entirely rely on images in your emails. Here's why.

Glossary of Printing Terms: Just in case you're curious why your printer keeps talking about PMS, you can look up hundreds of printing terms here.

Interesting Envelopes: I'm a big fan of using colored envelopes for important mailings. Most mail is pretty boring, so make yours stick out in a stack of bills and solicitations! is a great place to see the variety of sizes and colors you can use. But be sure to request samples since colors can look very different on screen.

Free Pictures: Most images on the web are copyrighted. Somebody created that image and they own it. But there are plenty of sources for free or cheap stock photos. One of my favorite sources for free images, including photographs and illustration, is Pixelbay. I also like Vectorstock for $1 illustrations and iStock for images that generally cost around $30. Of course there's no substitution for real photographs of your program at work. So...

Language for Photo Releases: Hopefully you're taking lots of pictures to illustrate your work, and hopefully you're getting permission to use those pictures on your website, in print materials, and other communications. Template Lab offers a ton of samples you can download here.

Event Journals: Two pdfs I created to help clients choose an event journal format and then see the steps involved in producing an event journal.